Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Another Blog About Polish? Really?

Well, yes! Why not! I love nails, nail care, nail polish, nail art - you get the picture! I love looking at other people's beautiful nail blogs, and I thought I should claim my own little corner in cyberspace for my pictures.

I'm 33 at the time of writing this, and I have been into nails from a young age. I remember being 12 and inheriting a bottle of vivid turquoise teal from one of my mum's colleagues, and I was hooked! At that time the colour ranges were a bit more limited, so I really attracted attention with my bright paws.
I have always been quite adventurous with my nails - I dress pretty conventionally at work (I work in an office), but there are no limitations on what I can do with my nails, so I like having them a bit more fun and personal!

Welcome in, I hope you stay a while!

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