Thursday, 28 April 2011

Barry M ~ Blue Moon

This is one of the two new polishes from Barry M - this polish is called Blue Moon.
It's a baby blue polish with teeny tiny sparkly flecks in it.
It applied - ok. I'm not massively impressed, not massively disappointed. Just a bit.. meh. This is three coats.
I added two bits of nail art tape to my ring finger to make it a bit more interesting. I kind of like the outcome.




  1. Interesting--this looks like it might be a close relative of Chanel Riva. I might have to look for a swap so I can check it out.

  2. @KarenD - Barry M do a lot of dupes, so I'm not surprised if that is the case! Let me know if you need help obtaining it (my email is in my profile)

  3. I felt the same about this one, once I put it on, it needed a little extra something. Still, could be a good base for stamping!
    I've never tried Nail Tape before, but maybe it's time to invest in some!

  4. Trix - I got it really cheap from Ebay, it's fun to use, but quite fiddly. I think I'm going to try using tweezers next time.