Monday, 18 April 2011

Barry M ~ Cyan, with Glitter Gradient

I wasn't particularly impressed with the Katy Perry collection OPI released earlier this year (or was it end of last year? I can't remember!).
Last Friday Night is the only one I have picked up - at least so far. It may not look like much in the bottle - just your typical jelly base with glitter floating around - but I love it on the nail!
Here I have layered it in a gradient over Barry M's Cyan Blue, with the first coat covering about 2/3 of the nails, and the second coat just on the tips.
Cyan Blue is a lovely bright blue crème that covers in two coats. The Barry M polishes do tend to thicken up, but it's nothing a few drops of thinner can't solve.
All pictures are taken in natural daylight.




  1. This is so cute, I may have to try this using Sinful Nail Junkie for the glitter since it looks similar to this one.

  2. You look like you've got diamonds on the end of your nails it's lovely x

  3. Very cute, I love this base color you used it is very pretty blue ^_^

  4. @ Fiona - Yes, I'm sure a lot of other glitters would give the same effect, I don't think this one is all that unique, but pretty! :)

    @Skin Scrubs - Thank you!

    @Forever'92 - I love a bright creme, there's something very summer about it!