Friday, 8 April 2011

China Glaze ~ Flying Dragon

I have to say I'm not that keen on this one. Flying Dragon looks amazing in the bottle, but I find it very disappointing on the nails.
The finish is that satiny, semi matte that neons usually have, but it just doesn't work.
This is three coats. There is nothing wrong with the formula of the polish, except that it's a bit too sheer. It goes on evenly though, so it's not really a problem. This type of finish I would expect to cover in two coats.
The surface just looks bumpy and ugly with the glitter bits. I suspect they were going for a cool look where sparkly blue bits are embedded in the semi matte purple, but no, I'm not convinced.

With a top coat the polish looks a lot better in my opinion, but it's still not anything to write home about.




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