Tuesday, 19 April 2011

French Tips and Pink Stripes

My freehand French tips need some work! I love the look of a neatly done French, but a bad one looks so tacky! I kind of liked how this one turned out, but I do think it has more than one tentative little finger tip over the tacky line! Fun none the less, at least I think so :)
I painted my whole nail with Cotton Candy by Revlon - one of those scented polishes - not sure yet if I love or loathe them! This particular polish was an absolute PITA to apply. It went gloopy and streaky and all around horrible. I painted four layers of this to achieve a somewhat even result. Big fat fail! Then I painted my tips with White On White by China Glaze. I used a nail art brush to add the pink stripes. The colour I used was Shocking Pink by Barry M.
Finally I covered the whole thing with Opal Elegance glitter top coat from Nina Ultra Pro.



  1. I think your nail art skills are amazing!

  2. Your fingers look good enough to eat like little raspberry cakes with icing sugar!

  3. Aww thank you so much girls! You are so sweet <3