Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Funkiest Smelling Polish Ever!

Every now and then newspapers and magazines will have freebies to give away if you have a coupon or two. A while back Buzz had one where you could get a little Barry M set from your Superdrug. In the set was this polish, a pale pink lip gloss and a black eye pencil. The polish doesn't have a name, but buzz is written on the front of the bottle.
I'm a really big fan of Barry M's nail polishes. The quality is excellent and they are very affordable. The colour range is a little bit limited, but some of my all time favourite polishes are from Barry M.
When I tried this one out I was astounded by the smell! This polish smells like no other polish I have ever tried. It has a very strong "paint" smell, and reminds me of the little tubs of hobby acrylics you can buy for crafts.
I think the colour is really quite pretty, and the finish is nice, so apart from the smell I have no objections.This is three coats, but I think you could probably get away with two (well applied) ones.


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  1. One of my Barry M's honest to god smells like fish after you put it on. Horrible. Other than that one, the rest of them are fine and they're one of my favourite brands. Who knows why that one is so gross smelling?