Saturday, 30 April 2011

17 ~ Go Go, with Crackle!

I got a couple of 17 polishes the other day to try out. The colour selection is pretty nice, although somewhat limited.
I decided on this bright yellow affair and a lovely shimmery blue one.
I just love the brightness of this yellow polish, which is called Go Go. The application however left something to be desired. The brush is really nice, like a stumpy version of the OPI pro wide brush. The polish went on nicely as well, and the first coat looked promising. Then funny things started to happen. There was some cuticle drag and streakiness, which seems to happen quite a lot with some yellow and white polishes, but this polish did things I have never seen before!
It started creating strings, almost like melted cheese! I'm guessing it's because it's one of those 60 second polishes, and maybe it started drying around the opening as I painted. I had to actually close the polish up and shake it between each layer!
This is four layers btw, and there was still some VNL, but not much streaking.
Since I don't really like VNL I decided to try out one of my new Barry M Instant Nail Effects over the top. The result is very Swedish, don't you think :)




  1. I agree! Very Swedish.

    Your nails are lovely and long! I'm not really a fan of 17 polishes but that colour is nice. Pity the application is a bit pants!

  2. Your nails look lovely and smooth and also very Swedish. I used a 17 Fast Finish a few weeks ago and I found it quite plasticky but I guess it's because it dries so quickly.

  3. @TSGTNP - Thank you! I normally quite like 17 products, but I think maybe this colour was a bit hard for them to pull off. I'll try my other one soon and see how it performs!

    @Skin Scrubs - Thanks lovely, your blog post is actually what made me go get this one! I really do think it's because it dries so quickly. If the polish had been a one or two coater I think it would have been a lot easier to work with