Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Zoya ~ Happi

Happi is such a lovely colour from Zoya. It has a subtle duochrome effect that sadly I didn't manage to capture on photo (duochromes are so tricky!). This bright pink flashes in gold and green in person.
As pretty as it is though I don't feel it does anything for my skin tone.
This is three coats, and there was still a little bit of VNL showing, but as the polish went on so smoothly it wasn't a problem. I loved the formula of this one, very flowing and even.




  1. Where did you get your Zoya polishes? Are they available in the UK?

  2. I got my Zoya polishes from the US, but I think it's possible to get them from UK distributors online. It's a shame we are so limited when it comes to brands here! If nothing else we have to hand over so much more to get them :)