Monday, 11 April 2011

Purple and Silver and Chains Oh My!

Sometimes I have a clear idea of what I want to do when I start painting my nails. Sometimes I make it up as I go along. This mani fall in the latter category :)
I think it turned out ok, but I wouldn't do this particular design again.
I started by painting my whole nail with Barry M's Pale Purple. Then I sponged on Grape Icy by Revlon in a diagonal across the tips. After this I painted a line of Silver by GOSH using a nail art brush and following the line I created with the sponge. I mixed Silver and Pale Purple on the back of an image plate and sponged on the lower part of the nail. Finally I stamped the chains using a pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM12.


  1. Thanks for listing all the steps you did. I probably don't have the patience to copy this but it's nice to know I have the information I need to try if I ever get inspired. :)

  2. aw thats cute! love the colours too.