Friday, 29 April 2011

Stamping Tutorial

I know there are a lot of tutorials on how to do stamping out there, but I thought I would show you how I do it as well!

These are the materials I use. Clockwise starting in the top left corner they are as follows:
Acetone Soaked Cotton - You don't need to use pure acetone, but I strongly recommend that you use a remover that at least is acetone based. This will cut through polish quicker than anything else, and you won't need to worry about your nails since the remover won't actually touch them.
Stamping Polish - Unless you want to use Konad Special Polish this is a matter of trial and error. In general an opaque crème will work quite well, but this isn't always the case. If you want to try it out just stamp your chosen polish on a piece of paper to see how it looks.
Scraper - The scraper that comes with the Konad stamper is rubbish, please take my word for it and stay away from it! I have scratched lots of my plates before I realised that I can use a plastic card instead (yeah, sometimes I can be a bit slow)
Towel - I use a face cloth for this, but you can use anything at all that you won't mind getting polish on. A lot of people will use a paper towel, but I prefer a proper cotton one that is dedicated to stamping. Folded double it gives a nice yielding soft surface that will keep my plate in place and that is easy to wipe my scraper on quickly.
Stamper - This is a Konad stamper, you won't have to spend much on one! Before you use it the first time, or if you notice it doesn't pick up your polish that well, it's advisable to roughen up the surface gently with a nail file or very fine sand paper.
Image Plate - These come in so many varieties now! Some of the most popular ones are Konad, Bundle Monster and MASH. They are metal plates with a number of images engraved into the surface, where the polish will fill in the groves for the stamper to pick up.
On to the stamping! I am assuming for this that your nails are polished with a base of your choice, and dry.
Step 1 - Wipe your plate with the acetone. Put your cotton piece on the towel and twirl the stamper over it to clean it.
Step 2 - Take your stamping polish and put a bit over your chosen image. You won't need to paint over the whole image as it will spread when you scrape.
Step 3 - Use your scraper to remove the excess polish from  your plate. You may need to experiment with the angle and pressure of the scraper. This will depend on the size of the image and the thickness of your polish.
Step 4 - Working fairly quickly, pick up the design with your stamper by pushing and rolling the stamper over the image on the plate.
Step 5 - Take your stamper and transfer the image to your nail. Take care to use an even pressure and make sure you don't push the stamper, but roll and press.
Finally - seal in your design with a top coat of your choice. Don't go over the image several times, as this can smudge your design. I have yet to try a top coat that in itself smudges, I find it's more about application technique.
I hope this is helpful to someone, please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial!
    I love all the little tips and tricks :)