Friday, 13 May 2011

Nina Ultra Pro ~ Sailor

This lovely navy creme from Nina Ultra Pro is called Sailor. Now I must admit that I haven't bought any polishes from the Anchors Away collection, but when looking at swatches and bottles this one looks pretty much like a dupe for First Mate.
Is there anyone who can confirm/dispute this?
I might go pick a few up from the collection now that Sally's have a 3 for 2 on China Glaze come to think about it!
I like the polish on its own, but I felt that some stamping could be fun. I'm going through a bit of a stamping phase at the moment I think!
I decided on a plate that was not one of the new Bundle Monsters! Yes, shocking!
The pattern is from one of those cheap e-bay plates that have a hexagonal shape. They are actually quite nice, if a bit samey.
I stamped with Powder Puff by the same brand.



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