Thursday, 19 May 2011

China Glaze ~ Avalanche, with China Glaze ~ Lightning Bolt

I have to start off by saying that I'm not really a huge fan of the whole crackle thing that's so popular right now. Having that said I do enjoy using the crackle from time to time, and I particularly like how it can transform (or mask!) a polish that's maybe a bit boring or a bit loud.
In the case of Avalanche by China Glaze it would be the first option. I think the colour is nice, and the finish is nice, but seriously, who want's to settle for nice when awesome is an option?
Avalanche is a muted steel grey lavender frost/metallic that covers really nicely and evenly in two coats. The problem with frosts are that no matter how careful you are you are pretty much guaranteed brush strokes. And while I don't mind them so much in pearly polishes I don't really like them in frosts.
Supposedly the finish was described by China Glaze as a "high lustre pearl".
After having painted my nails with Avalanche, they still looked very undone to me, so I decided to add another China Glaze on top - Lightning Bolt, which is their white crackle polish.
I really really like how it turned out! So much that I wore it for two days!



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