Thursday, 12 May 2011

Revlon ~ Beach, with Stamping

After the nice but dull mani of yesterday I wanted something bright.
This is another Revlon polish - a scented supposed limited edition chartreuse called Beach. Don't ask me why, it doesn't look very beachy to me.
I let my boyfriend decide on what colour to stamp with, and after rejecting my suggestion of purple (that would have been cool, right? Right?) he decided on black.
Because, to put it in his words, black and yellow is always cool, that's why bees are so awesome.
The plate used is Bundle Monster's BM208
Here are some pictures of Beach without the stamping. Once again I have to apologise for the quality of light in my photos. It's been really grey and dull here lately, so it's difficult to get a good photo.
Now I'm asking you my lovely readers - can you recommend a good daylight lamp for me? I feel I desperately need one.




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