Monday, 16 May 2011

Barry M ~ Bright Red

Barry M might not be the most creative at naming his polishes, but at least the names are accurate! Does what it says on the tin kind of thing.
This tomato bright beauty is called Bright Red, and yes, it's bright, and yes, it's red!
I think it's a really lovely pillar box red with orange undertones.
The application is what I would expect of a Barry M polish - smooth and even. This is two coats, and there is some VNL. I don't mind so much when the finish is so nice and even, but if I was planning on wearing it for more than an afternoon I would have added another coat.
I like playing around with my mani before taking it off, and for this one I tried tape for the first time. I painted half my nail white, added a few white hearts, silver tape and opalescent glitter.
Meh. That's all I'll say about that!


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