Saturday, 28 May 2011

Comparing Starlings

Today I have another comparison for you. You seemed to think the last one was ok, so I thought I would continue and do a few more. This next one up is a comparison of deep, cool, sparkly greens - which I adore!
The name of the post is because this kind of deep, shimmery green reminds me of the beautiful starling :)

From left to right the polishes are Racing Green by Barry M, Emerald City by Nina Ultra Pro, Akyra by Zoya and Cuckoo For This Color by OPI.

L-R: Racing Green, Emerald City, Akyra, Cuckoo For This Color

All polishes have been applied in two coats, 1 layer of base coat and no top coat.
Racing Green is one of my most loved polishes, as you can possibly tell from the bottle. It's no secret that I love Barry M, and this is one of the colours that I love most. (A whole lotta luv there!) It's a very cool toned, opaque green with a beautiful glossy finish. It's pretty much opaque after one coat, but for the comparison I applied two.
Emerald City is very similar to Racing Green, but not as blue, and a bit less glossy. It's the warmest of the bunch. A full mani is found here. This polish is also lovely to apply - goes on evenly and is perfect in two coats.
Akyra is without a doubt my least favourite of the four. It's the bluest, but also the sheerest and streakiest. I would definitely have needed another coat to make it opaque. There was also some dragging. The surface would possibly look glossier with a more saturated application, but after two it's a bit on the dull side. The colour is very pretty though.
Cuckoo For This Color is the darkest and smokiest out of them all. It bears resemblance to both Emerald City and Racing Green, but mostly to Racing Green as it leans quite blue. A full mani can be found here
Please let me know in the comments if there are any particular comparisons you would like to see in the future!

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