Monday, 9 May 2011

I Want to Thank My Mum, My Agent...

And of course Fiona from Ha Bisky! Nails!
I got tagged for the Kreativ Blogger Award, thank you so much :)

You may or may not be familiar with the rules, which are to pass the award on to ten blogs of your choice, and write ten facts about yourself.
First things first - these are my blog choices - in no particular order. Apologies if you have already been tagged!
And, some facts about me:
1. I love animals. I used to have horses and do classical dressage.
2. I don't eat any animal products apart from honey. I avoid calling myself vegan, but most people are comfortable with labels and will call me one.
3. I read. A lot. We have a storage unit that is at least half made up of book boxes, and I can't wait for the day we have a place big enough to have them all out.
4. I'm a neat freak who hates clutter. The only things I hoard are books (see above!) and nail polish.
5. I'm Swedish but live in the UK.
6. I love running and hope to run a marathon one day.
7. I'm a geek. I like computer games and the company of other geeks.
8. I am fluent in two languages and not so fluent in five more.
9. I drive my fiancé to despair in the car, as I'm really scared of traffic and will inhale sharply more often than he finds strictly necessary.
10. As much as I love shopping I way prefer the countryside over the city. You can't beat the smell of grass and the sound of birds and wind in the trees.

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