Saturday, 7 May 2011

Printed Satin Doll

After all the bright colours of the past few days I decided on something a bit more... dare I say sophisticated? I'm not sure the term can be used in conjunction with stamping, but hey, I kinda like it :)
I used Satin Doll by Nina Ultra Pro as my base. It is an ivory pearl, which looks a little bit plain in the bottle. I love it on the nails! I was worried it would be a bit old lady-ish, but in my opinion it's not.
Nina Ultra Pro is another of my firm favourite brands, the formula very rarely disappoints, and the colour selection is fantastic! This is two coats, and they went on perfectly.
This manicure is post nail accident, and although you may be able to see a bit of thickening of the nail, I don't think it's particularly noticeable that my index finger has been repaired.
What do you think?
I received my new Bundle Monster plates yesterday, and of course I had to try them out!
I decided on this floral affair from plate BM224, and I stamped with Smoky Brown by ELF. I don't like the ELF polishes, but if they work for stamping I'm happy to use them.
Smoky Brown is pretty much identical to Over the Taupe by OPI. I will have to do a taupe comparison soon!
I like how the result reminds me of printed silk or satin.

The new Bundle Monster plates are so nice! The full nail designs are a lot bigger, and the plates have a paper backing now, like the Konad plates.


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