Friday, 24 June 2011

Back From Holiday and Awards!

I came back from a lovely holiday to find that I have been tagged for several fantastic awards! Thank you so much! I'm constantly amazed that so many of you read my blog and like it <3

I know that the rules state that 10 blogs should be tagged for the awards, but I'm cheating and nominating 3 for each award, I hope there will be no hard feelings!

Top 10 Award


I was tagged for this award by Opinionated Little Finger, So Nailed and Varnish Me. Thank you so much ladies!

The rules for this award includes listing your top 10 cosmetics, and for me my must have products are:

Seche Vite. No explanation needed, right?
Cuticle Butter - home made or Lemony Flutter from Lush
Cuticle remover - I use Blue Cross (Bought from Tiffany Nail Supply)
Lucy Minerals Mineral Foundation, custom blended. I love this stuff, it's the only foundation I use. Plus Annie who owns the company and makes the makeup is so nice.
Natural Lip Balm. I'm a total lip balm addict, and my substance of choice is natural and preferably organic. I love Badger Balm, Crazy Rumors and Honeybee Gardens. I buy them all from Supersmoocher.
Mineral Blush from The All Natural Face. Super cheap and amazing (amazing!) colours that suit my difficult pale skin tone so well. I love Every Day Is a Good Day in particular.
Mirror Shine Lip Stick by 17. I'm not a lip stick gal at all, so this sheer, glossy lip stick is perfection for me!
Wild Curl Mascara also by 17. My all time fave. Easily rivals L'Oreal Voluminous, and unlike L'Oreal it's cruelty free.
Laura Geller Baked Cake Eyeliner. This is a super pigmented baked eyeliner that I use either dry or wet with an angled brush. It's my all time fave eyeliner for the upper lash line.
Last but not least, the most obvious one - Nail Polish!

I'm tagging:

Mini Nail Blog - What this girl can't make in acrylics isn't worth making!
Addicted To Polish  - Beautiful nails and fun colour choices.
Acetone and Old Lacquer -  There seems to be something in the water in Finland, making some of the ladies there super talented? This is no exception!

Then I got tagged for no less than four awards by the talented Minnie from Mini Nail Blog

Sunshine Award

“The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and
creativity inspire others in the blogging world.
The Sunshine Award is given by bloggers to bloggers
as a way to spread the bloggy love.”

I'm tagging some bloggers who are really creative with their photos and nails, and make me smile:

Painted Lady Fingers - Creative nails and beautiful photos.
Wacky Laki - Wonderful photos and perfectly maintained and painted nails.
Das Experiment - Amazing nails, amazing photos.

Inspiration Award

"given for blogs that inspire hope, love and joy in daily life!"

These tagged ladies all have some serious nail art skills:

Fab Ur Nails - No idea how she does it! I'm in awe.
Art Of Nail - Another amazing nail artist with super long natural nails.
Pieni Kynsiblogi - She doesn't update all that often, but the posts are well worth waiting for!

Best Blog Award

Best Blog Award is
passed along to other bloggers who you think have the best blog.

Some truly inspirational nails:

ANOTHER Bottle Of Polish - The queen of frankens, with some of the most beautiful nails I have seen.
The Polished Perfectionist - Her nails are perfect AND she is a wicked cake maker.
All You Desire - Another girl with perfect nails.

Blogger Luxury Award

For this award you are supposed to share 7 random facts about yourself, and fill in a form.
I have already shared 10 random facts with you all, so I'll go straight to the form :)

1. Name your favourite colour 
2. Name your favourite song
I really can't pick just one, but I love just about everything by Kent and Three Days Grace.
3. Name your fav dessert
Fruit salad
4. What makes you mad?
Animal cruelty and people who just don't give a sh*t
5. When you're upset, you...
6. Your favourite pet
I love both my animals, and all animals from days past.
7. Black or White?
Black if I have to pick.
8. Your biggest fear is...
Losing those I love
9. Your best feature is...
According to others my eyes, so I'll go with that.
10. Everyday attitude
The future looks bright
11. What is perfection?
When nothing else can be removed
12. Guilty pleasure
Watching make over shows

I'm tagging:

The Nail Addict - I hope this doesn't sound patronising, but the fact that this super talented blogger is only 16 completely blows me away! Her nails are master pieces!
Beauty By Kayla Shevonne - A lovely mix of things, but above all really fun and pretty nails.
Oooh, Shinies! - I love how pretty and neat, yet creative her nails are!

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