Saturday, 25 June 2011

Base Coat Experiment Update

As promised before I went on holiday I have taken pictures of my nails to see if there is any difference in the wear depending on the base coat used.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed overall how well the polish actually held up! I could have kept it on longer, but as beautiful as Zombie Zest is, I was absolutely dying to put something else on after almost a week!

NT, ChG, NT, ChG

As you can see on the third day pictures above the wear is most noticeable on my middle finger. This is a Strong Adhesion finger. It's not as obvious, but there is also some wear and a tiny chip on my index finger, which is wearing Nail Tek. The chip is because of a weakness in the nail more than anything.

Not much has happened since the previous day. Still very wearable in my opinion, although to someone who is polish mad even this amount of wear feels a bit scruffy! The little chip on my index finger is more noticeable in this picture.

Left hand
Right hand
I was out and about and never took a picture on the fifth day, so above is a picture of how my nails looked just before I removed my mani on the sixth day. I have included a picture of my right (dominant) hand as well, so you can see the wear on all fingers.
There really is very little difference between the two base coats. Bit of an anti climax maybe, but I think it's safe to say that both base coats are very good!

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