Sunday, 5 June 2011

Models Own ~ Black Swirl

Today's polish was a gift from the beautiful Fee of Makeup Savvy. Thank you for the lovely polish!
Black Swirl is actually my first ever Models Own, and I was not disappointed. I know little of the brand, but I understand they quite often do dupes of Chanel polishes? I remember seeing their "Car Key" collection as an answer to Chanel's "Khaki".
Black Swirl appears to be a dupe of Chanel's Black Pearl that came out earlier this year. I don't own the Chanel polish, so I can't do a comparison, but they seem pretty close, although it appears that Chanel is a bit more grey? Perhaps someone can set me straight on this!
The formula of this polish was very good, two coats gave a perfect application. The pearlised finish meant that there were some visible brush marks, but nothing too bad.
One reader commented that she would like to see more stickers and transfers, and I thought this polish lent itself perfectly to a small accent. I chose a little rhinestone flower for my ring finger, and nothing else.




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