Monday, 6 June 2011

National Day of Sweden

As some of you may know I'm Swedish (but live in the UK), so in order to celebrate the country that gave you IKEA, Abba, The Nobel Prize - and The Nail Buff - I created a Swedish flag mani.

The Swedish flag is pretty simple, so I decided not to overdo it, but keep the whole design fairly plain.
I feel so patriotic when I look down on my hands now :p

The polishes I used are all from Barry M; Cyan, Yellow and Instant Nail Effects Blue.
I created the flag by masking off a cross with sellotape on a yellow base and painting over with blue.


Today is also my mum's birthday, and as I mentioned in my Mani for Mum post her favourite colour is purple. I will post a purple mani for you all tomorrow :)

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