Saturday, 11 June 2011

Barry M ~ Pale Purple

Yes, I have nubbins! On Thursday night after work I got home and just chopped! Chop chop.
I was alternating between being horrified and thinking "oh they look cute".
I think I have settled for thinking they are quite cute. I got fed up with my nails being in less than perfect condition, so it felt like time to take them down a bit. I have now also cut away the tear that I repaired with a tea bag.
My nails grow quickly anyway, so it's not like it's permanent.
The first polish to grace my shorties is one of my favourite pastels - Barry M Pale Purple. I do believe that since buying this polish it has changed name to Blueberry Ice Cream.
Edited to add: Thank you Clare for setting me straight on the names. Pale Purple (308) is now called Berry Ice Cream, whereas Blueberry Ice Cream (306) is the pale blue from the same collection.
Application was faultless - this is two coats.

I would love to hear what you think of the new, short nails! Do you prefer longer nails, or do short ones look the best to you?

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