Wednesday, 15 June 2011

TNB is going on holiday!

On Friday I will be going away for a week's holiday with my boyfriend, can't wait! I have prepared a few posts to publish automatically while I'm away, but it won't be as many as usual.
As I was thinking of what to bring, I thought it would be fun to share with you what I find essential to bring on a trip.
Now this will obviously depend on what kind of holiday you are going on - we are going camping, so I am packing for a bit of Glamping!
This is what I decided on bringing:
Cuticle Balm
Always. I love my Lemony Flutter. Would not travel without it!
Multi-way Nail Buffer
I chose this little compact version as it fits in my rather small bag. I am not planning on doing any hard core filing when away, so it will be a case of smoothing out possible snags and nothing else.
Cuticle Clipper
I always have one with me, because I have the worst cuticles in the world. I used to be a big cuticle picker, so this travels everywhere. If I see a tiny little piece of cuticle sticking out and tempting me to pull or pick, I'll gently snip it. Please note though that I don't cut my cuticles as part of my manicures! Think hangnail rather than cuticle for this.
Orangewood Stick
Good for keeping the nails clean and for tidying up polish when painting my nails (if I'm messy!)

Top Coat
Seche Vite. I never use anything else. I love this stuff. Seche, you may slowly be killing me with your toxins, but I still adore you.

Base Coat
I will bring China Glaze's Strong Adhesion, but I don't exclusively use this base coat. I have a little experiment planned for you, that I will do while away :)
Nail Polishes
My criteria for picking polishes were:
  • Easy application - meaning max two coats
  • Tolerant to tip wear - no colours that are too dark, and no polishes that start to show wear after a day.
  • Easy to remove - no glitter, no smurf fingers!
  • No super expensive, discontinued, HTF polishes! 
  • Colours I would be happy to see more than one day :)
I picked two of my favourite colours - Satin Doll (you can never go wrong with an opaque nude imo!) and Emerald (because it's GREEN!). I also decided to bring a black crackle, because it's such an easy quick way to renew your mani (and as my friend said - hide a multitude of sins!)
And also, not pictured:
Polish Remover
I bought a small bottle of Superdrugs own brand stuff - the one with an acetone formula. That's the remover I normally use anyway. I will of course also bring some cotton pads for removing the polish with. This will go in my wash bag.


And that's it! I plan on not bringing too much of anything, and be *gasp* low maintenance!

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