Saturday, 16 July 2011

ELF ~ Dark Navy, with Holographic Stamping

It's been a while since I did some stamping! My original thought was to stamp over ELF's Dark Navy with gold stars, but, as it turns out, none of my golds work for stamping, so I'll save this for a freehand acrylic design instead.
As I already had my stamping stuff out I went with one of the old Bundle Monster designs instead (BM20), and used trusty old Holographic by GOSH for the stamping. I think it's such a shame they have discontinued this beautiful polish! Why do companies do this?
The ELF polish was really quite nice! The brush is awful (yes, I'm on repeat about their horrible brushes) but the formula is nice. Two coats went on evenly. This polish like my other ELF ones definitely needs a top coat though. It dries in a neon finish like way, sort of semi matte. I don't like that type of finish at all, but it may be to someone's taste.

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