Monday, 29 August 2011

17 ~ Forever

I actually got this polish in a goody bag I won on Facebook. I like 17 quite a bit, although the quality can be a hit or miss at times (they make my all time favourite mascara – Wild Curl – and the only lipsticks I ever use which is their mirror shine ones) as I have shown previously here on the blog. I won this polish and a very nice looking pastel pink one, which I will no doubt swatch for you all later on.

The finish of Forever is different from the two previously swatched. This is a “Lasting Fix” as opposed to the quick dry ones I tried earlier. I like this formula a LOT more. No cheesy stringiness at all, the formula was actually really really good. Nice flow and cover with no streaks. This is two coats. The finish is very nice and glossy, and the drying time was good (although I always use a quick drying top coat of one kind or another. In this case it’s China Glaze Fast Forward)

I like this type of shade, they are a nice, unassuming type of colour for when you have had too much bling or neons. It’s obviously also very office appropriate, or for those days when you simply have to match your nails to – to put it in the words of Chaosophia from One Inch Nails – “that kind of underwear I would never buy”




Today I’m also throwing in a bonus picture for you, in case nude, undie matching nails don’t quite do it for you.


I want to add a disclaimer to this last photo – The dog is never usually allowed on the bed other than on bed wash days. The cat does whatever she wants. All the time. Because she is a cat, so it’s allowed. Period.

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