Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bourjois ~ Bleu Asphalte with China Glaze ~ Avalanche

The other day I got my first Bourjois polishes. Have I been living under a rock I hear you ask! No, but in all honesty the Bourjois polishes have seemed a tad uninspiring to me. However, I had quite a large amount to spend in Boots, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try a couple out.
My first pick was Bleu Asphalte, which is a purple/blue based dark grey, which is simply awesome. Greys can be a bit boring at times (just my opinion), but this grey is far from. The formula was absolutely spot on - two coats for perfection - even if the brush was on the big side.
Since it has been a while ago I did my last sponging I dabbed on some China Glaze Avalanche on top. I have swatched Avalanche previously, and always thought it was such a shame that a gorgeous colour like that should sit unloved because of the icky frost formula. One light bulb moment later my trusty makeup sponge is dabbing on some metallic purple-grey (grurple? Does that make grey-blue glue? I can never get the hang of these portmanteaus) and hey presto - no brush marks! Am I ingenious or what!

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