Tuesday, 16 August 2011

China Glaze ~ Pink Voltage

How amazing is China Glaze Pink Voltage! Neon bright pink, with a slight blue/purple iridescent shimmer.
It's the colour Barbie only dreams of!
The application wasn't great in all honesty. I remembered this polish being quite sheer, so I started off with a coat of Barry M Shocking Pink, but still needed 3 sandwiched layers of Pink Voltage to get an even coverage. The polish is quite streaky, and I had a fair bit of cuticle drag. It also has that unattractive, neon finish that I really dislike, but I use a top coat for everything except mattes, so that's not an issue. Looking at it though all I can say is - 8 coats, so what! Totally worth it!
Would you ever wear nails this pink?

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