Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nail Polish Jewellery!

Today I have a different kind of post for you lovely readers - nail polish jewellery!
The jewellery in this post was made by the very talented C from Kitty Pretty Fingers. C has an Etsy shop called  workshop760 where she sells her beautiful pieces.
The jewellery came wrapped up beautifully in silver with the name of the polish used hand written on a tag.
The pendant is made with Zoya Charla, which is one of the prettiest polishes ever made. The ultimate mermaid! Look how cute the clasp is!
Gorgeous colourshiftingness :) Not a word? Well it is now.

The ring is adjustable, but happened to fit my ring finger perfectly. It's made with LA Splash Dolphin Smile, which is a gorgeous purple and green duochrome. Such an interesting statement ring for anyone, not just us polish fanatics :)

The jewellery is really well made and absolutely gorgeous! I get tons of compliments whenever I wear one of these pieces <3

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