Friday, 12 August 2011

Nina Ultra Pro ~ Caribbean Blue

I really think that Nina Ultra Pro is a brand that deserves more attention. I guess the problem is probably in availability - as far as I know it's only Sally's that sell them. A shame, because they are overall lovely polishes! Cruelty free, 3free and vegan, good brush and generally excellent formula.
I picked this one up the other day on a buy one get one half of offer, and thought it was gorgeous, and not like anything else in my collection. I went home and showed my boyfriend, and he goes "Yes, very nice. Another mermaid is it?"
*long face*
"Yes, er, I suppose it is".
Anyway, can you really have too many aqua/blue-green polishes? I think not! The formula on this iridescent frost was really good, not bad at all for a frost in particular. Not too brush-strokey, at least not from a little distance.



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