Thursday, 29 September 2011

Guest Blogging Over @ Skinscrubs

I wrote a guest post for my lovely friend Annabella who is the beauty and the brains behind Skinscrubs. Why not pop on over and have a little look, and if you haven’t seen the Skinscrubs blog before, make sure to have a proper nosy about!


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Collection 2000 ~ Siren

I have to admit that I quite like the Collection 2000 polishes. When there are offers on they can be worth picking up I think. The full price is a bit much in my opinion, as the bottles are quite small, but the quality is really pretty decent, and the colours usually fun.

Siren caught my eye as it’s super bright, and that is a good thing in my book :) It applied easily, even though the brush is like a mini-me pro wide (i.e. too big).



China Glaze ~ Below Deck

Are you up for more polishes from one of the bestest collections ever? China Glaze Below Deck is a super gorgeous purple taupe creme, with a perfect, flowing formula. I have to admit to picking this one up so often, dying to use it, but for some reason I had it in my mind that it’s an autumn colour, so it has been sitting in my Helmer for eeeever!

As it was officially the first day of autumn yesterday, I thought it high time to wipe away the finger prints and drool marks and get painting!



On a different note I discovered the day before yesterday that I have been shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! I am completely and utterly blown away by this, so I wanted to share my excitement with you all :)

I was nominated for the “New Beauty Blog” category, along with some truly amazing blogs. One of my all time faves Emily’s Nail Files is also nominated, as well as Make Up Savvy, which is another blog I regularly read :)

If you like to read blogs, why not pop on over and vote for the ones you like? I won’t presume to ask you to vote for me, as I believe there are better blogs than mine that are nominated, but I can just tell you how super happy I am to get recognition like that for the time I have put in, and I can only imagine how happy the (undoubtedly well deserved) winners will be!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

George ~ Mysterious

I’m not sure in what way this colour is mysterious, but who cares, it’s gorgeous! Funny how I repeatedly state that I’m not keen on purples, and then show one pretty purple after another that I love lol.

In the pictures Mysterious looks pretty brush=strokey, but in person you really can’t see it. It’s more of a shimmer than a frost, even though it shows up a bit like a frost in the pictures for some reason. This is two coats, and the formula applied beautifully.




I want to say thank you to everyone for your kind words on my last post, they meant a lot to me! <3

Monday, 19 September 2011

MUA ~ 23

How boring a name is that? Shade 23. I feel sorry for the little polish, not loved enough to get a proper name. Like milk cows today, just a number.

“Shade 23” is a very pretty light olive or military green crème, and it’s the first MUA polish I have tried. I’ve passed them up before as the colours carried by my local Superdrug have been less than exciting. This one, however, caught my eye. Purdy!

The bottle is teeny tiny, but I guess you can’t expect much for £1. The brush is truly awful, almost as bad as the ELF brushes. It’s like painting my nails with a broom. A stiff broom. I think this is a shame, because the polish itself is actually very nice. Good formula and coverage – I only needed two coats.





Finally I want to apologise for being absent a lot this last week. I received some bad news (a close family member passed away), so my head has not been very much in a blogging mindset. I’m also busy just now starting up my business, so if posting is a bit sporadic I hope you will bear with me! I love reading all your comments, and even if I don’t respond right away I want you to know they mean a lot to me and I treasure every single one :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

China Glaze ~ Stella

I have mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of purple, but when I saw Stella on Sminkan’s blog I knew I had to have it. Stella is an absolutely gorgeous burgundy plummy shimmer with a perfect formula. The pictures show two coats.

This colour is so grownup and so sexy and classy! Who would have thought – a purple!




Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nails Inc ~ Augustus Street

When I realised that the somewhat boring looking Augustus Street was a suede I got super duper excited! I LOVE suede polishes!

This Nails Inc polish is a one coater. I wore it for two days, and it held up nicely for a suede! I will definitely use this one again, with some nice nail art on top.

The colour is really unique in my collection. It looks like a grey with silver glitter/shimmer, but somehow it seems to look mink on the nails. Beautiful.



Monday, 12 September 2011

China Glaze ~ Blue Iguana

I’m working my way through the China Glaze summer collection as the autumn rains are starting to hit us! Why not brighten up a dreek day with colourful nails :)

The formula of China Glaze Blue Iguana was a bit of a let down. It was easy enough to apply, but I needed three coats, and for this type of finish I don’t see why that should be necessary. The colour is stunning though!



Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sparkly Teal Layering

As much as I liked Nails Inc Chester Terrace I thought it could do with something else on top. Out comes OPI Catch Me In Your Net, a truly beautiful sparkly aqua and blue polish.

I painted one thin layer over my teal base, and I have to say that the result was super pretty – in my opinion. I hope you like it too!




Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nails Inc ~ Chester Terrace

Chester Terrace is described as a matte, but to me it looks more like a vinyl than a pure matte. The colour is a gorgeous, deep teal which I love!

Application was very good, and the polish dried quickly. I have two coats on in the pictures.



Sunday, 4 September 2011

Polish Swirling

I decided to try something completely new (for me) today. I took two pretty polishes, and mixed them together on the nail.

I think the result is pretty cool, what do you think?

I painted a layer of Nina Ultra Pro Royal Purple and followed up with a (generous) coat of GOSH Green Dragon, and used a dotter tool to just drag the colours around on the nails.