Saturday, 24 September 2011

China Glaze ~ Below Deck

Are you up for more polishes from one of the bestest collections ever? China Glaze Below Deck is a super gorgeous purple taupe creme, with a perfect, flowing formula. I have to admit to picking this one up so often, dying to use it, but for some reason I had it in my mind that it’s an autumn colour, so it has been sitting in my Helmer for eeeever!

As it was officially the first day of autumn yesterday, I thought it high time to wipe away the finger prints and drool marks and get painting!



On a different note I discovered the day before yesterday that I have been shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! I am completely and utterly blown away by this, so I wanted to share my excitement with you all :)

I was nominated for the “New Beauty Blog” category, along with some truly amazing blogs. One of my all time faves Emily’s Nail Files is also nominated, as well as Make Up Savvy, which is another blog I regularly read :)

If you like to read blogs, why not pop on over and vote for the ones you like? I won’t presume to ask you to vote for me, as I believe there are better blogs than mine that are nominated, but I can just tell you how super happy I am to get recognition like that for the time I have put in, and I can only imagine how happy the (undoubtedly well deserved) winners will be!

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