Monday, 19 September 2011

MUA ~ 23

How boring a name is that? Shade 23. I feel sorry for the little polish, not loved enough to get a proper name. Like milk cows today, just a number.

“Shade 23” is a very pretty light olive or military green crème, and it’s the first MUA polish I have tried. I’ve passed them up before as the colours carried by my local Superdrug have been less than exciting. This one, however, caught my eye. Purdy!

The bottle is teeny tiny, but I guess you can’t expect much for £1. The brush is truly awful, almost as bad as the ELF brushes. It’s like painting my nails with a broom. A stiff broom. I think this is a shame, because the polish itself is actually very nice. Good formula and coverage – I only needed two coats.





Finally I want to apologise for being absent a lot this last week. I received some bad news (a close family member passed away), so my head has not been very much in a blogging mindset. I’m also busy just now starting up my business, so if posting is a bit sporadic I hope you will bear with me! I love reading all your comments, and even if I don’t respond right away I want you to know they mean a lot to me and I treasure every single one :)

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