Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Zoya ~ Suvi

Some of you may know how much I love green. In particular dark, mossy, bottle greens. So, it would come as no surprise that I love Suvi. She is beautifully deep and shimmery, but I have to say that the formula – although good – is not quite to my liking.

Two coats would have been enough, but I went for three, just because I felt like it.



Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Barry M ~ Raspberry

My bottle actually spells this polish Rasberry, but when I went to Superdrug the other day I saw that the newer bottles have corrected this. I thought it was kinda cute, and I like my typo bottle :p

I think this polish is really lovely. I don’t suit berry shades generally, but this one goes well with my skin tone. The formula is what to be expected from Barry M – really smooth and buttery. Two coats and no top coat is what you see in the pictures.




Monday, 28 November 2011

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with Stripes

Lincoln Park After Dark is a blackened deep plum colour, that is impossible to photograph. It looks pure black, so you have to use your imagination and pretend to see the subtle purple-ness of this polish.

I think it’s a very classy and elegant, and softer, alternative to pure black. The formula is excellent, and covered evenly and smoothly in two coats. I’m not wearing top coat in the photos, so you can really see how glossy it is.




I found a new amazing nail artist on youtube called NailsKathy, and she did this totally cool striping thing that I just had to try. I striped my ring finger as a little accent with Wet n Wild Strawberry Shake. I let some stripes be a bit fatter, since I liked the contrast between slim and fat.

The process is quite simple:
1. Glob a bit of polish on a wipeable surface
2. Take a dotter or a similar tool (like a toothpick) and start stirring the polish
3. Keep checking the gloopiness of the polish by lifting your tool straight up to see if strings are forming
4. When strings are forming just move your tool over the nail to let the polish strings fall across your nail.

For an excellent tutorial check out NailsKathy’s video.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Barry M ~ Fuchsia

This garishly bright pink is a polish I’m sure Joan Collins would be happy to sport. Fuchsia is the kind of shade cougars wore before there were cougars – I can just hear those middle aged vamps in the ‘80s firmly state that pink is indeed the new red.

Reason to wear this polish? If you feel that you can never be too rich, too thin, your men too young or your nails too long.

Or if you just really really like pink.

The formula of Fuchsia is flawless, it went on in two even, buttery smooth coats. Is that reason enough to get it? I’ll leave that up to you.



Wednesday, 23 November 2011

China Glaze ~ Pelican Gray

Isn’t Pelican Gray pretty? I love the little microshimmer in this grey, which keeps it from looking to flat and dull.

The application was good, although the first coat had me worried. It looked really thin and streaky, but the second coat made it all nice and pretty :)

This polish is crying out for some nice nail art over it, don’t you think!




Monday, 21 November 2011

With a Cherry on Top!

I saw a really cute cherry design on youtube, made by Cutepolish, and here is my take on it!

The polishes I used are Nina Ultra Pro French White, Revlon Revlon Red and Barry M  Spring Green.

I applied three coats of white, and then painted my cherry blobs and my red tips with the red. I added the stems with a small hobby brush, and added the highlights on the cherries. Finally a layer of top coat, and done :)

If you want to try this design yourself I would suggest watching Cutepolish’s video, it’s really well made!




Saturday, 19 November 2011

Barry M ~ Indigo

Indigo is one of the few polishes I own where I actually get stopped by random people asking what I’m wearing on my nails. It may not seem that special at first, but there is just something so appealing about this velvety, dark, purpled blue, and it’s obvious that it’s not just me. This is one of my favourite Barry M polishes.

The application is great, as with most Barry M, and what you see is two coats. I would say this polish definitely benefits from a top coat, as it dries slightly less glossy than I think it should be.



Thursday, 17 November 2011

George ~ Jester

Another red! I don’t often wear red as you may have noticed, but with autumn here I feel like it’s such a nice warm colour to wear.

Jester is a nice “red” red with golden glass flecks. It’s very similar to the OPI polish Ali’s Big Break, and I will do a comparison for you if you want. My feeling is that it’s pretty much a spot on dupe, but I can’t confirm that for sure just yet.

I had some problems photographing this mani, so I have to apologise that the shade isn’t 100% accurate, but I would say it’s close enough. It it slightly cooler in real life, but the depth is true.

I’m wearing two coats, and the application was nice and easy.



Wednesday, 16 November 2011

GOSH ~ Purple Heart

When I saw Purple Heart I just had to have it. In the bottle this polish is a gorgeous purple/green duochrome in a dark base.

In the bottle that is. On the nails I was sorely disappointed. I find this polish flat out boring. In some lights there is a flash of green or purple, but most of the time it just looks like a dark grey.




All I can say is

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Guest Post @ Ooohshinies

The talented Bregje of Ooohshinies asked me if I would like to write a guest post for her blog. Naturally I said yes!

Why not head on over and have a little look :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Nina Ultra Pro ~ Maple Syrup

How classy and elegant is Maple Syrup! I love how deep this maroon shimmer is. I could be mistaken, but it seems pretty similar to China Glaze Side Saddle, I’m going to have to compare them and find out.

This is two coats, and the application was flawless.





I have to apologise for the state of my bottle in the pictures. I never realised how grubby it was until it was too late!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

China Glaze ~ Hey Sailor

Isn’t this polish the perfect pinup red crème? I love the formula of Hey Sailor, it’s a one coater believe it or not. In hindsight I feel I should have painted two coats though, because my nails are very ridged. If your nails are nice and smooth then this polish is a dream come true!



Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sinful Colors ~ Nail Junkie

My dear blogging friend Annabella from Skin Scrubs took the time to pick this gorgeous gorgeous polish up as a gift when she was in the US to – wait for it – get married! If that’s not thinking of others I don’t know what is!

Annabella thought that a polish called Nail Junkie would suit me. I’m sure I don’t know what she is talking about. *looks around and whistles*

Nail Junkie is a multi coloured glitter in an aqua jelly base. I thought it would look super pretty over black, but decided on the slightly softer ELF Dark Navy. I have two coats of Dark Navy and one coat of Nail Junkie in the pictures.

I have a good few polishes in my collection, and I have been painting my nails for a long time, so it takes a lot to really wow me, but this polish had me admiring my hands all day. “Look how pretty!”




Thank you so much Annabella for this lovely polish, and congratulations to both you and your James :)

China Glaze ~ Starboard, with Revlon ~ Beach

I was sure that I had swatched all of Anchors Away by now, but it seems I was mistaken. And to boot the colour I haven’t swatched yet is a green.

I hang my head in shame. And proceed to give you pictures of one of the prettiest green crèmes ever. Ever.

I can only apologise for my very amateurish sponge application of Beach, that in my defence didn’t look quite that bad off camera. I thought the shimmery chartreuse would work well over Starboard, but I guess this will teach me not to tamper with perfection. Live and learn, eh?