Friday, 23 December 2011

Holiday Design with Cream and Red

I started this design with one idea in mind and ended up with something completely different! It’s not quite as festive as I would like, but I like the outcome!





Step by Step

  • I started by applying two coats of a nude champagne shimmer (Nina Ultra Pro Satin Doll.)
  • Then I sponged on a gradient in red glitter (China Glaze Ruby Pumps.)
  • After this I added one coat of quick drying top coat to protect what I had done so far (Seche Vite)
  • Then I stamped the stars and arrows pattern from Bundle Monster BM20 (I had to place the pattern sideways on my thumbs and stamp it twice, since it’s quite small) in white.
  • After this I mattified the mani (ELF Matte Topcoat.)
  • Finally I added little bits of gold to the centres of the stars (GOSH Gold.)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Layering: OPI ~ Last Friday Night, over Bourjois ~ Bleu Asphalte

I love my dark, sparkly layerings, and I was really happy with the outcome of this combination.

I have mentioned before how much I love Last Friday Night, despite its not-very-exciting appearance in the bottle. I think it worked perfectly over the dark smokiness of Bleu Asphalte.




GOSH ~ Green Hawaii

Apologies for going AWOL for so long! I’m thinking a lot on which direction I want to take the blog, and this has created a blogging block for me. I am getting there though, and I hope that you will all find the blog a more interesting place to be in the future!

Thank you for sticking around, I appreciate it!

Today’s post is of an unusual green polish from GOSH called Green Hawaii. It’s a chunky holo glitter apple green polish, that is just divine in the bottle. I found the application a bit difficult, and ended up layering it over Nina Ultra Pro Emerald City. Green Hawaii is a bit too sheer to be a one coater, and when you add multiple coats it starts going a bit gloopy. I would really recommend layering it over a nice base first!

As pretty as this polish is – and come on, it’s green! – I’m still not that wow-ed by it.



Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Revlon ~ Revlon Red, with Stamping

Revlon’s classic Revlon Red totally redeems the brand’s qualities in my eyes! I’m normally NOT a fan of their polishes, but this pin-up red is an absolute joy!

The shade is so feminine – not too blue, not too orange – and the formula is perfect. This polish is a one coater, and I simply can’t fault it in any way. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought some nice white stamping would look pretty with it. I used an image from Bundle Monster BM16 (old series), which worked really well since my nails are quite possibly the shortest nails in existence right now.