Saturday, 28 January 2012

Barry M ~ Red Glitter

I hope you all have had a wonderful start to the new year. I want to dedicate this post to those of you who cried when your tree got thrown out/put in the attic, and who thinks that a fan poster of Santa is the perfect accent piece for any room, at any time of the year. Personally I can’t wait for spring to get here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a nice sparkly red when I see it!

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been absent for over a month now. I mentioned that I was not sure about the direction of the blog, and, well, I’m still not sure. So why am I here? Because I missed blogging, plain and simple. Maybe I’ll figure out the magic formula for the blog, but until then I will just go with whatever I fancy :) Maybe that IS the secret formula!

My nails are in an absolutely horrific shape just now. They are peeling and my cuticles can be used to scare little children. Because I love you all I won’t show you how they look just now, but instead show you some pictures that I took before evil faeries substituted my Lemony Flutter with quicklime.

Barry M Red Glitter is an ever so pretty (though pretty gritty) red glitter. I painted the glitter over a base of Barry M Grey. The surface is pretty bumpy and rough, but it’s not so bad that it bothers me. When I removed this polish I used the foil method for the first time, and all I can say is, why didn’t I try it earlier! It is a bit fiddly, but so so good.





Do you like how I made the last picture all artsy fartsy? Yeah, maybe I need to work on my creativity a bit.