Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pink and Purple Gradient with Butterflies

I love gradients, and even more so gradients with stamping or freehand nail art on top. So here you go :) There is a small mini-tutorial at the end.

The design is inspired by Nailstories’ lovely Liberty’s Butterflies.





Step by Step

  • Paint the nail with a pink colour – I used Collection 2000 Siren. Let this dry.
  • Make a gradient with a purple polish by sponging it on the tips, making it more opaque towards the tips. I used Nina Ultra Pro Royal Purple.
  • After this it’s a good idea to use a top coat, but it’s not necessary, as long as the polish is allowed to dry completely.
  • Use a very opaque black polish and stamp the butterflies over the nail. The image I used is from the Bundle Monster BM205 plate.
  • Seal the whole design with a top coat.