Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Black & White Challenge: Day 6 ~ Coloured Base with White

Soooo… this post is a little late. I should have posted day 7 yesterday, that’s how late I am. And I don’t have any valid excuses! I’ll post day 7 tomorrow, and then I’ll be back on track and hopefully finish strong :)

The theme for this day’s design is as you can see from the title “coloured base with white”, and I thought to myself, if one colour is good, two must be better. And if two is better, four must be even MORE betterer. So I hereby present you with my multi coloured and white design! (See end of post for a step-by-step)







  • I started with a coat of a plain nude-ish colour (Nina Ultra Pro Caffe Latte)
  • Then I blobbed on lots of colours in random patterns until my nails were covered. The colours I used were green (Barry M Spring Green), pink (Revlon Bubble Gum), blue (Color Club Wicked Sweet – which smells amazing!) and yellow (17 Go Go).
  • Then I wrapped my tips with the different colours and sealed with a top coat.
  • When this was dry I stamped over with white polish using Bundle Monster BM211.


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