Monday, 30 April 2012

Comparison: OPI ~ Fiercely Fiona, and China Glaze ~ Electric Pineapple

I want to start off with a small apology for my absence lately. Like I said in my last post there is nothing bad going on, quite the contrary.

In two months me and my fiancé will move back to Sweden, and we have been looking at getting a flat and all that comes with it. I have been and will be very busy selling off pretty much everything we own due to limited space when we go. This is completely by choice, I’m looking greatly forward to a pared-down flat.

There will also be a substantial blog sale in the near future. I will probably elaborate on this further at some point, but for now I can just say that I have had a bit of an epiphany (in spite of severe lack of long beards and sandals) and I am embracing the minimalist that has been living inside me my whole life but that I never fully understood until quite recently.

Because of this I have had no time to work on my challenge manicures, but rest assured that they will appear at some point! For now I have a simple little comparison for you I hope you will find helpful!



OPI Fiercely Fiona and China Glaze Electric Pineapple are very similar. As you can see Electric Pineapple is slightly more green than the buttery yellowness of Fiercely Fiona, but my opinion is that if you don’t absolutely love this kind of shade, or you want to make your collection complete, you definitely won’t need both.

I preferred the formula of the China Glaze polish over the OPI. That said, they both take an extraordinary amount of coats to look really good. We are probably looking at four or five coats to get it even, but – and this is a big but – if your nails are less ridged than mine (and chances are that they will be) you may need a lot less. Next time I use one of these polishes I will double up my ridge filling base coat and see if that helps.