Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spring Challenge: Love and Life

I’m so excited to start a new challenge! Once again it’s Mateja from Purple Glitters who put her thinking cap on and came up with such a fun and different challenge!

If you read the challenge description you will see that there are 4 colour combinations plus rainbow (set to the last theme) that you can use, and you can pick freely from these to pair up with any of the themes. Each colour combination can only be used once.

For the first theme I admit I was a bit uncreative, and went with a heart pattern. I wanted to make it a bit 60s, and chose the Orange and Pink combination.  I’ll be the first to admit that this is not my finest work, but the overall effect is actually really quite cute – it just doesn’t stand up to close (macro) inspection!

The base is Barry M Pink Flamingo and the hearts and dots are painted with acrylic paints.





Colour Combinations Left

Pink and Green
Blue and Purple
Yellow and Green
Orange and Pink


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