Saturday, 21 July 2012

Nail Restoration: Second Step ~ Protect the Nail Plate

Now that my cuticles are looking somewhat better (still a long way to go though!) it’s time to start looking a little bit at the nail itself.

My big issue at this time is peeling. I have strong nails that won’t often break, but they do peel.


Products used:

Nail strengthener: I absolutely swear by Nail Tek Foundation II. It works incredibly well for me. There are other options as well, depending on what your nail needs. Some people use OPI Nail Envy with great success, but for me it makes my nails very brittle and prone to breaking. I love how Nail Tek Foundation II is also a ridge filler. It is my go to base coat and nail treatment.

Moisturizer: I use a simple home-made vegan lotion throughout the day. I use my Nail Tek straight over this without washing first, and have had no problems with flaking polish. Use your best judgement here – most people find the polish adheres better to a completely clean, dry nail.



The process for this step is very simple, just slap the nail treatment on! I prefer to do one coat, but will add more over the days as needed.


Before applying the strengthener:

As you can see my cuticles are still very damaged, this will take some time to heal. At least now there are no dead cuticles sticking to the nail plate, interfering with growth and health. My nails are naturally very ridged, they have always been like that. Something I have my dad to thank for lol.


After applying the strengthener:

As you can see the Nail Tek dries very matte. I like that! It makes polish stick very well. It also dries very, very quickly, which is a plus when you are impatient lol. Take care not to get any products on your cuticles. These special treatments often contain ingredients that aren’t great for the cuticle.



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