Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Holo Stamping over Fyrinnae Immortality

Have you ever seen Robin Moses on youtube? I think she is pretty amazing to be honest, and when she used eye shadows in her manis, I knew that was something I had to try. I have tried the method of dusting it over topcoat, but I’ve never been really happy with the results. So when Robin talked about using glue, I was intrigued.

I have quite a few eye shadows, because for some reason I’m drawn to little sparkly pots like a magpie to silver. I just love them. They make me so happy when I look at them. But. And here is the big but, I’m not exactly comfortable wearing them on my face. I just don’t feel I can pull it off. It’s partly an age thing, but most of all it’s just not in my comfort zone, and I feel a bit like this when I wear them:

[Image Source]

Now this look may be exactly your cup of tea, and if so, more power to you. I prefer a slightly more neutral look myself, and so my shadows have mostly been sitting in my drawer.

Until now! The combination of The Best Glue Ever (yes, that’s what it’s called) and loose eye shadows works SO well. I’m absolutely thrilled by this.

Finally time for the mani? Yes, I think so.





  • Paint the nails with black (a-England ~ Camelot)
  • Brush the Best Glue Ever over the tips, let dry (it becomes clear and stays tacky)
  • Dust a loose eye shadow over the tips, making a gradient (Fyrinnae ~ Immortality)
  • Seal with a top coat
  • Stamp with a holographic polish (GOSH ~ Holographic) and pattern from Bundle Monster 319


Do you ever find yourself buying things you like the idea of, rather than the use?