Wednesday, 1 August 2012

KandNail Image Plate Review

The KandNail CK-02 image plate contains contains 42 small images. Small really being the operative word here.

The plate is of a very nice quality. It comes with a protective film like pretty much all plates do. This one is blue, which is a lot better than the transparent films that don’t always make it obvious that it’s there. Hands up if you have ever sworn over a plate that “doesn’t work”, that has the film on it *blush*

The larger images are about the same size as the old Bundle Monster plates, and the smaller images are, well, smaller. In the picture below I have put the KandNail plate next to (from top to bottom) an old Bundle Monster, a Konad, and a newer Bundle Monster (the 2xx series).

In spite of the small size I still really like the plate. The images are very well cut, and transfer easily, even when they have lots of detail.

I stamped one of the larger KandNail images next to ones from the plates displayed above, as a size comparison. BMO stands for Bundle Monster Old, and BMN for Bundle Monster New :)

Now my nails are too big for the old Bundle Monster plates, and certainly too big for the images on this plate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. To be honest I suspect that the larger images are meant to be French tips. Most of them have that curve at the bottom, that makes a pretty smile line.

I don’t know if that’s the intended use for the plates, but that’s certainly how I will use them. I have pretty wide nails, so some patterns I will simply have to be creative with, but some work just fine as they are.

To try my French tip theory out, I did a simple mani in purple stamped with silver. The image I used is one of the smaller ones, and it worked great as a tip stamp.


The KandNail plates are sold from the BornPrettyStore, and they retail for $8.53. The customer service is really good, and the products always sent out really quickly. There is still a fairly long wait to be expected, as the shop is located in China. The postage is free worldwide.

I know that the items are already very affordable, but the BornPrettyStore is kindly offering a 5% discount code to use if you want to make a purchase. It is LN5X31.
I can recommend their nail art brushes, they are very nice :)


~ The product in this post was provided for review purposes. ~