Saturday, 1 September 2012

Three Nail Challenge: Day 1 ~ Antique Flowers

I have joined another challenge. I love doing challenges! The theme for this challenge is really unusual and creative. It’s a set of 3x3 challenges:

1. Antique
2. Ultra Modern
3. Futuristic

1. Favourite song
2. Favourite book
3. Favourite emotion

1. Soft
2. Edgy
3. Wavy

For the first challenge theme, which is antique, I wasn’t sure what to do. Then I thought of this amazing design I saw Robin Moses do on youtube, and decided to have a go.




The base is Nina Ultra Pro Satin Doll, and the designs are made with newspaper and acrylic paints.


Mateji ustvarjata
Purple Glitters
Mimi's Vanity Box
Nailing Nail Art
All Stars Could Be Brighter
Taya (Starts later)
Beauty By Shortylegs
Deja (A bit differently)
Imagination In Colour
Colourful Bottle
Nail Crazy
Beauty By Suzi
Gin Shivers
Ina - Hysteria of Decay
aydii* - Girl With Pink Lipstick*
Nails By Tinks
Natalsie - Cats-n-nails