Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bondi New York ~ Central Park Blossom

Bondi New York is a new American brand. It is 5 free, which means it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, DBP or toluene. I have also been assure that the polishes are completely vegan and cruelty free.

The colour selection is limited to 20 shades at the moment. For me there was nothing that stood out in the collection and said “wow”. The colours are pretty standard, and in my opinion nothing to write home about. In other words, there were no nice greens there ;)

The shade that I liked the look of the most was Central Park Blossom. It’s a lovely, soft peach shade that would work absolutely everywhere, from the office to a date to a wedding. It’s just one of those classic feminine shades that is never wrong.

The formula was both good and bad. Sounds weird? Well, it was very thin and runny, which is something I personally like very much (I know a lot of you don’t though!), but whereas the best polishes let you paint thinly and still get good coverage, I had to use four coats of Central Park Blossom. That for me is one coat more than I am willing to paint, and two more than I prefer. On the upside the polish dried quickly, so there was no gummy gunk feeling on my nails in spite of all the layers. These pale polishes can sometimes be a bit tricky formula wise (remember the nightmare I had with a-England Iseult?) so I am not willing to dismiss the brand based on this shade alone.




The Bondi New York polishes retail for $15, and you get a generous 15ml for that. The international shipping fee is a very reasonable $3.99, which is pretty great considering the recent rise in US shipping costs.



* This polish was sent for review purposes. *