Sunday, 2 June 2013

Shimmer Polish ~ Leslie

Hello lovely fellow nail buffs! I’m back in the UK again, and this time I think I will stay here for good :) There isn’t much to tell about the past months, except that I have sold off most of my polishes. I have kept a small amount, and I continue to paint my nails, but I felt that my collection grew to proportions that were too large for me to feel comfortable with. I have absolutely no issue with lassies and laddies who choose to “collect” polish, but I started to realise it wasn’t for me. I have kept polishes that I am happy to use over and over, and this will most likely be my approach in the future. This means that there will not be as much new things to show you on the blog, but whenever I do something new with my nails, or acquire a new polish, I will be sure to share it with you all of course :)

I was asked by the creator of the indie brand Shimmer Polish if I wanted to try a few polishes out. I have seen these beauties before on the interwebs, and it wasn’t hard to decide to say yes. She kindly sent me a fair few polishes to try, and I am very impressed so far.

The first one I will swatch for you is a gorgeous multi-coloured glitter that mainly runs blue, and it’s called Leslie. The glitters are a mix of larger blue hexes and smaller pinky-purple, silver and red glitters, suspended in a clear base. Application was absolutely flawless. No fishing required of any kind, I could paint it on like any other polish. In the photos I have one fairly generous coat over two coats of Bourjouis ~ Bleue Asphalt. The bottle the polish comes in is a standard Seche-style bottle, with a super cute label with a little iridescent heart.




This is the first time I try an indie polish, and I’m starting to wonder why I didn’t do it sooner!


~ Sent for review purposes ~