Monday, 12 August 2013

Cirque ~ Cypress

During my brief stay in Sweden last year, I was given the opportunity to try out some polishes from Norway Nails web shop. The owner Wenche has worked super hard to make her shop a success, and she now sells lots of fab brands to Scandinavia. I think this is fantastic, as the Nordic countries usually get shafted when it comes to fun polish brands.

Cirque ~ Cypress is a beautiful bronzy scattered holo. Easy application and an absolutely beautiful finish. I find holos difficult to photograph, so in order for you to get a good idea of how pretty it is I have included pictures taken under different light conditions. The last picture is really quite dark, but I feel it’s the one that best shows off the sparkly goodness. The first three pictures are taken in daylight, and the last under artificial light.






If you live in Scandinavia, I strongly urge you to check out Norway Nails shop and Facebook page. The Facebook page has frequent giveaways, so it’s well worth following!