Friday, 16 August 2013

Nails Inc ~ Soho Mews Leather Effect


Do you like the textured polishes that seem so popular just now? I don’t know what it is, but I think they are really cool, sort of in the same way a really ugly dog is really cute, you know? This polish from Nails Inc isn’t quite as “bumpy” as some of the sand/sugar textures, and it’s supposed to look a bit like leather (duh!). Regardless of what you want to call this particular texture, I love it. I think it adds a bit of interest to a very neutral, office friendly tan shade.

The polish is sold in a set together with four little gem-studded skulls and glue. The skulls are very cute, but not my cup of tea to be honest. I don’t think I’m quite badass enough to wear them. I think it’s a shame that they are so large, as the only nail they will really fit on will probably be your thumb. I have a thing for accenting my ring finger, and that just wouldn’t happen with these bad boys.

The polish itself was flawless. You can easily get away with one coat if you wish (I didn’t wish to, and added two. Maybe I’m a bit badass after all), and the drying time is super fast. The shade is right up my alley, and I think this dark nude would probably flatter a lot of skin tones.






In the UK you can get this set through QVC. I have actually never used them before, but have a friend that absolutely loves them! Turns out they have lots of Nails Inc and other nail products! Worth checking out if you are in the UK :)


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