Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dotty Sponging

So, yesterday, Lizzy posted this amazing, bright sponging gradient. It inspired me to do some gradient sponging too! I didn’t want to copy Lizzy’s design straight out, so I went for a less intricate pattern, but with some dots on top instead.

The polishes used are Barry M ~ Block Orange, China Glaze ~ For Audrey, Barry M ~ Pink Flamingo and Barry M ~ Pale Purple (dots) over a base of Barry M ~ Matt White. I think the end result is quite fun! Hope you like it too :)




Friday, 16 August 2013

Nails Inc ~ Soho Mews Leather Effect


Do you like the textured polishes that seem so popular just now? I don’t know what it is, but I think they are really cool, sort of in the same way a really ugly dog is really cute, you know? This polish from Nails Inc isn’t quite as “bumpy” as some of the sand/sugar textures, and it’s supposed to look a bit like leather (duh!). Regardless of what you want to call this particular texture, I love it. I think it adds a bit of interest to a very neutral, office friendly tan shade.

The polish is sold in a set together with four little gem-studded skulls and glue. The skulls are very cute, but not my cup of tea to be honest. I don’t think I’m quite badass enough to wear them. I think it’s a shame that they are so large, as the only nail they will really fit on will probably be your thumb. I have a thing for accenting my ring finger, and that just wouldn’t happen with these bad boys.

The polish itself was flawless. You can easily get away with one coat if you wish (I didn’t wish to, and added two. Maybe I’m a bit badass after all), and the drying time is super fast. The shade is right up my alley, and I think this dark nude would probably flatter a lot of skin tones.






In the UK you can get this set through QVC. I have actually never used them before, but have a friend that absolutely loves them! Turns out they have lots of Nails Inc and other nail products! Worth checking out if you are in the UK :)


~ PR Sample ~

Monday, 12 August 2013

Cirque ~ Cypress

During my brief stay in Sweden last year, I was given the opportunity to try out some polishes from Norway Nails web shop. The owner Wenche has worked super hard to make her shop a success, and she now sells lots of fab brands to Scandinavia. I think this is fantastic, as the Nordic countries usually get shafted when it comes to fun polish brands.

Cirque ~ Cypress is a beautiful bronzy scattered holo. Easy application and an absolutely beautiful finish. I find holos difficult to photograph, so in order for you to get a good idea of how pretty it is I have included pictures taken under different light conditions. The last picture is really quite dark, but I feel it’s the one that best shows off the sparkly goodness. The first three pictures are taken in daylight, and the last under artificial light.






If you live in Scandinavia, I strongly urge you to check out Norway Nails shop and Facebook page. The Facebook page has frequent giveaways, so it’s well worth following!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Glitter Removal {Image Heavy}

I have been showing you a lot of glitter manicures lately, and although they are really pretty and eye-catching, they can be a pain to remove. Now unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the “foil method” for removing glitter. The idea is very simple, and very effective, so on the off-chance that you don’t quite know how to do it, I thought I would show you my way of doing it.

The mani I’m removing here, is my gradient with Shimmer Polish ~ Lorene.


Items needed:

  • Acetone based remover
  • Tin foil/kitchen foil
  • 3 Cotton pads
  • Scissors



Step 1:

Cut up your cotton pads into quarters. You will need to cut two pads into four, and one pad into three (two quarters and one half). Cut out strips of foil, and then cut these into pieces. I get four pieces from each strip of foil, but your foil may be of different width, so just cut pieces you think will fit when wrapped around your finger.


Step 2:

Line up your foil pieces and place one thoroughly acetone soaked (not dripping, mind!) piece of cotton pad on each one. If you take the time to prep a bit here, it will be easier once you start trying to fumble everything in place with foil fingers!




Step 3:

Place your finger with the nail on the soaked cotton pad, and fold the top of the foil over it. Then wrap the ends of the foil snugly against your finger.


Step 4:

You have a choice to either do both hands at once, or one at a time. I like to live life on the edge, so I do both hands at once.

Once you are all wrapped up, you need to let this sit for a while. I would suggest checking after 5-10 minutes, but carefully, so you can pop your little foil finger hat back on if necessary.



Step 5:

When it’s time to remove your foil tips, press down a bit on the nail, and wiggle the foil slightly from side to side as you pull it off. After this I wash my hands and use a nail brush to get rid of loose glitter pieces. Finally I use my left-over half of cotton pad to remove the last little pieces. Waste not want not and all that!


And here you can see just how effective it is! It’s a little bit faffy, but sure beats sitting there swearing over stubborn glitter that just.won’!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lorene goes French

I hope you are still enjoying the Shimmer Polishes! I know I am :) I have something a little bit different planned for you soon, so there will be small tutorial coming up.

For this mani I started with one of my all time favourite polishes, OPI ~ Skull and Glossbones. This shade is just gorgeous, but sadly the formula isn’t great. Serious cuticle drag :(
Over the base I sponged a kind of reverse French with Shimmer Polish ~ Lorene. Lorene is a deep pinky purple glitter with bits of blue and gold, and I think it looks lovely against the beige/grey base.