Sunday, 8 May 2011

Nail Repair Using a Teabag

I told you about my poor, broken nail, and how I mended it with a tea bag and some glue. This is my step-by-step on how I repaired it.
Apologies for the amount of photos and the low quality lighting - my priority was repairing my nail rather than taking good pictures, I'm sure you can sympathise :)
If a reminder is needed this is how it looked before repairing:
It wasn't the most pleasant experience, I can tell you that! I'm glad I always carry plasters with me, because this happened as I was going to work in the morning.
My lunch hour was spent hunting down suitable solutions!
Here is Nail Corner's great post I found and used as a guide to my repair.
The materials I used were:
Tea Bag - I used a fine meshed silky kind of tea bag.
Scissors - To cut the bag to size. Update! Since I did this tutorial I started TEARING the bag rather than cutting it. The edges are much easier to blend this way!
Nail Glue - I picked the kind that comes with a brush, as I figured this would make application easier.
Orange Wood Stick - For poking the tea bag in place
Nail Buffer - To smooth the surface between layers and after finishing.

Step 1 ^. Cut the tea bag to size, for the first piece you definitely need to cover the whole tear. I rounded my corners as I thought this would make it less likely that the piece would start to peel off at the edges. Again – I would advise tearing the bag to size.

Step 2 ^. Paint the nail with a thin layer of glue, that will be allowed to dry before the next step. I did this because my tear was so bad I wanted to fix the nail a bit before starting.

Step 3 ^. Put another thin layer of glue on the nail, and then quickly lay the pre-cut tea bag over the nail and poke it in place with the orange wood stick.

Step 4 ^. Paint over the bag with yet another layer of glue, and try to remove any air bubbles with the stick again.

Step 5 ^. When the first layer is dry, buff gently over the nail, and repeat the whole process again with another piece of tea bag.
Step 6. My final step was to buff over the nail once more, and add a final thin layer of glue to the nail. After this dried completely I painted my nails as usual, starting with Nail Envy base coat (OPI).
And this is how the nail looks when it has been polished as normal (here with Satin Doll)
I'm hoping this will hold up well, and I also hope that if you are unfortunate enough to break a nail, this might prove helpful.

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