Monday, 28 November 2011

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with Stripes

Lincoln Park After Dark is a blackened deep plum colour, that is impossible to photograph. It looks pure black, so you have to use your imagination and pretend to see the subtle purple-ness of this polish.

I think it’s a very classy and elegant, and softer, alternative to pure black. The formula is excellent, and covered evenly and smoothly in two coats. I’m not wearing top coat in the photos, so you can really see how glossy it is.




I found a new amazing nail artist on youtube called NailsKathy, and she did this totally cool striping thing that I just had to try. I striped my ring finger as a little accent with Wet n Wild Strawberry Shake. I let some stripes be a bit fatter, since I liked the contrast between slim and fat.

The process is quite simple:
1. Glob a bit of polish on a wipeable surface
2. Take a dotter or a similar tool (like a toothpick) and start stirring the polish
3. Keep checking the gloopiness of the polish by lifting your tool straight up to see if strings are forming
4. When strings are forming just move your tool over the nail to let the polish strings fall across your nail.

For an excellent tutorial check out NailsKathy’s video.